Triple X Website Celebrity Jihad Puts Nude Photo Of Taylor Swift: Asks Her To Convert To Islam

A Triple X website named Celebrity Jihad, has created a whole new controversy. This time around, the controversy involves 21 year old hit American singer Taylor Swift.

According to reports, the website has posted a nude picture of the singer. The nude picture is a “private photo” of Taylor.

Apparently, the photo is 100 percent authentic as otherwise, it wouldn’t have created so much hype on the internet. Another reason why it seems that the photo isn’t photoshopped and is rather real is that the singer has asked her lawyers to fight against the website.

The website hasn’t been threatened by the fact that Taylor has asked her lawyers to sue the website. In fact, in response, it has asked the singer to convert to Islam, calling the trade-off a compromise.

The nude photo of Taylor Swift is still on the website and Celebrity Jihad says that it will take off the picture only if the singer converts to Islam.

Moreover, on the website, it says that the singer must give up her Jew God, Jesus, in front of the public and then sacrifice a goat and eat its innards. The statement is concluded by saying “Pretty standard stuff really”.

The picture that has been posted by the website shows a young girl who has hair just as Taylor Swift. The picture shows the girl posing on the bed topless. The title of the picture is “Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked?”

Taylor Swift’s legal team has threatened the website and has also said that it will file a trademark – infringement against the website. The legal representatives of the singer have also sent out angry letters to the owner of the website, suggesting that the website has false pornographic pictures and false news about Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is the latest Hollywood celebrity that has been pushed into a celebrity photo hacking scandal. Previously, Christina Aguilera, Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis were all targets of phone/PC hacking sprees.


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