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Microsoft Gets Rid Of the ‘Big Boob’ String In A Code

Microsoft Gets Rid Of the ‘Big Boob’ String In A Code

by FatimaJuly 21, 2012

Recently it was found that one of hexadecimal strings in a code was 0xB16B00B5, which translates to ‘Big Boobs’. This code allowed a Microsoft based program to work on Linux. The code was revealed through a mailing list that was sent to the developers of open source Linux.

The 0xB16B00B5 string appeared in the code every time a Microsoft program tried to run a virtual version of open source Linux. Paolo Bonzini, who is a kernel hacker, posted a message later saying that someone from within Microsoft tried to be funny.

Microsoft immediately took notice of the string and issued a press statement to its community. The software giant thanked its community to swiftly reporting about the string and apologized if anyone was offended by the string.


Furthermore, Microsoft revealed that it had added an update to the software with the string in order to change the string itself. This isn’t the first time such a string has appeared in one of the codes. One other Microsoft code had the string 0x0B00B135 which directly translates to ‘boobies’

The string however initiated a heated debate amongst coders about the string being sexist in nature. The coding world consists mostly of males and the community thinks this was just a sexist attempt. However other claims it to be someone trying to be funny.

Dr Gerrett, who closely studied the strings in Microsoft codes, claimed that changing the strings was an easy thing to do for any coder. He said that even if it was intentional it definitely did spark some hate in the community over Microsoft.

The fact that programmers are mainly males means that by using codes like these it could be lurking in many other software too, and these don’t have to be necessarily from Microsoft.

Microsoft clearly admitted that it was quite embarrassing for the company to find out about the code. They have already apologized to the community and made amendments to the string itself.

Microsoft also suffered another embarrassment few weeks ago when vulgar language became a part of their press conference during a song that was being played.

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