How To Run Android Applications ( APK Files ) In Windows With BlueStacks

If you intend to buy a Android device, but you are undecided yet, or you simply want to test a few Android applications, or you might want to run Android games on a more generous screen than the screen of your mobile phone, Bluestacks is the ideal solution to run any Android OS application ( apk files ) directly on your Windows computer.

BlueStacks is a free Windows application with the help of which Windows users can run Android applications through a simple switch between operating systems ( it does not require you to restart your computer ).

It comes with 10 preinstalled apps and offers users the possibility of downloading up to 26 free applications from the Android Market using the default Windows web browser.

To run a Android application, install BlueStacks, then open the program and click on the app you want to run ( it will open in full screen ).

To download other Android applications click on Get More Apps in BlueStacks ( you need to have a Facebook account to get access to applications ).

You can download the BlueStacks application here:

Note: The application is only compatible with Windows 7 ( 32 & 64 bits ).

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