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iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy S II Vs HTC Sensation: Who Is The King ?

iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy S II Vs HTC Sensation: Who Is The King ?

by GennaOctober 12, 2011

The fight for supremacy on the smartphones market received a new member last week, with the release of Apple’s iPhone 4S.

Received with skepticism by many specialty publications, because it does not bring really significant improvements, the iPhone 4S cannot be excluded from the competition with other top smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC Sensation.

Can Apple infiltrate this competition through superior hardware specification offered with the iPhone 4S or the high price of the new iPhone is going to have a major influence ?

Construction And Design

When it comes to design, Apple always wins and iPhone 4S is not a exception. We are talking about the same design as the iPhone 4 and a back side made out of glass, while Galaxy S2 is made entirely out of plastic. Somewhere in the middle we find the HTC Sensation, made from metal alloy and plastic.

iPhone 4S also wins the dimensions battle because it is 1 cm shorter mainly because of the smaller screen. iPhone 4S weights 140 grams. HTC Sensation has a weight of 148 grams and Samsung Galaxy S II has a weight of 116 grams.


Technical Specifications

The main major difference appears where the display is concerned, where the iPhone 4S benefits from the smallest screen, but it has the best resolution: 640 x 960 pixels. Furthermore, Retina Display is more advanced than the Super AMOLED display used by Samsung Galaxy S2 and much better than the S-LCD display that comes with the HTC Sensation smartphone. The last two smartphones come with 4,3 inch screens, but screen size is a matter of personal choice because not everybody likes a big screen.

The iPhone 4S comes with a dual core A5 1 GHZ processor, just like the Galaxy S II. HTC Sensation stands out because of the dual core 1,2 GHZ processor but the iPhone’s processor is considered to be the best despite the lower speed.

iPhone 4S also offers the most generous internal memory through the 64 GB version, while the Galaxy S II stops at 32 GB and HTC Sensation at only 1 Gb which can be increased through a 8 GB microSD Card.

Connectivity¬† is similar on all models: 3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS, Edge, Bluetooth 3.0, and microUSB and the HTC sensation has a small advantage as it supports download speed up to 21 Mbps through 3G, compared to the 14 Mbps of it’s rivals.

All three smartphones come with 8 MP photo cameras capable of creating HD 1080p videos, but the iPhone 4S has some more advantages: it takes photos faster, videos can benefit from the use of a image stabilizer. The negative side is the 0,3 MP resolution of the frontal camera.

Operating System

The iPhone 4S bets on the iOS 5 operating system and on the new vocal commands made through Siri. The rivals come with Google Android 2.3, which will be soon upgraded to Android 4.0, but there are some differences here as well: HTC has a good reputation because of their own HTC Sense interface while Samsung puts all hopes in the TouchWiz interface.

It’s hard to pick out a winner in this category because they are all very good.


Well, in this category things are simpler. HTC Sensation is just a bit more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S II 16 GB version.

iPhone 4S cannot compete with it’s rivals here. The Apple phone will cost approximately 600 EUR.


The “battle” on the top smartphones market is very fierce, but if we were to pick out a winner it would be the iPhone 4S, but not by much. It has lower dimensions, a hardware platform that is just as good as the platform of it’s rivals, a bigger internal memory and the top version offers decent 3G download speeds and superior software features when using the photo camera.

But the iPhone 4S will be more than 25% more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC sensation. Despite the minor advantages of the iPhone 4S, the big price difference does not seem to be justifiable.

But, even so, Apple just announced that they recorded 1 million iPhone 4S pre-orders in just 24 hours ( this has to be a new record! ). And this is a sign that despite the high iPhone 4S price, Samsung and HTC have many reasons to be worried!

Additional Note

Rumors has it that the iPhone 4S is named after Steve Jobs ( For Steve ) and, according to speculations, this is also one reason why the Apple received so many pre-orders in just 24 hours. Steve Jobs was a man loved by many and his death saddened many people.

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  • sourabh
    October 13, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    are you sure that apple iphone 4s is the best compared to htc sensation? i am really concerned for buying 1

  • Eric
    December 17, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    HAHA! Iphone 4s can NOT, again NOT, compete with those two android phones because they are on a whole nother level. While apple is mostly focusing on design and apps (software), and what's up with the small screen?Samsung and HTC focus on making great phones, and let's not forget that both the galaxy and the sensation has been out for a while now.

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